29 May, 2015

Art week

Our annual art show was last week.  It's always a big thing.  I personally hung over 1000 pieces of work (there are 6 art teachers).  Lots of weekends (thanks to Matt for spending a Saturday at school with me when I was sick), and late nights.  Some photos.  I should have taken more.

Our Lion we made in our after school textiles class.
My KG1 self portraits
Grade 1 Van Gogh Vases
Grade 1 clay buildings, Frank Gehrey inspired silhouettes and a wall of Georgia O'Keeffe flowers.
My Grade 1's admiring their work.. 
KG1 Self Portraits 
Grade 1 Van Gogh Vases

My Grade 1 Georgia O'Keeffe magnified flowers
More KG1 Self portraits. 

My one KG2 class' various work: cultural unit.

Kinda proud of these ones.  They looked fabulous...but boy were they messy- soft chalk pastels.

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