02 August, 2015

My makings

I did manage some crafty endeavours this summer.  I worked on this cardigan (which may take me years, but it's enjoyable)
Inspired by this fabulous book,
 I explored some 3D textile design (and really want to do more of this).
 I picked up a little felt fox kit when at Purl SOHO and had a lovely time working away at her while watching movies in the evenings.  I added her boots and embellished the pattern a bit...

Then I made her a hat, and a coat and a fiancee ....

 And decided that these two special foxes needed to be given as gifts to these two special people whose wedding we are UNfortunately not able to attend in 6 days.

The foxes were a hit along with their other gifts: an Indian bedspread....

And one of these machine stitched rope baskets that I went to town on with my sewing machine and made so many of.  They all found places in my house (apart from 2 I gave away).  I also made a little hand stitched jute one.

After the gifts we had some singing by the fire; something I love and miss so much.

I love these two girls: the daughters of our neighbours, and it breaks my heart that we will miss Hayley's wedding.
cocktails at SOLO

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  1. Great to have seen you in the summer. Hope to see you again soon xxx


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