29 May, 2015

A view from the 6th floor.

I've had a stupid ear infection for the last 3+weeks.  It started in my ear, and somehow got into the sub dermal layer of my outer ear which meant it looked like I had cauliflower ear.  I'm on my 4th round of antibiotics.  BLAH.  I hate this kind of stuff.

BUT, I love going to see the doctor because I get to look out over my neighborhood from the corridor outside his office.  I love the different sights of Singapore.  How things change so much when you go UP.

The photos in the rain didn't turn out so well, but I like them anyway.

Looking back to our house (the second one with the curvy roof)

I love the relative low rise of our neighborhood.

Our house again (2nd curvy roof).  The high rise look really close, but there's a school, a hill and a busy road in between us and them.
For those of you who know Singapore: that hill in the distance is Bukit Timah (Singapore's highest point).

Looking back towards Orchard area (high rise)

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