25 November, 2014

The dreaded lurgies

ARGH!  It's been a hard slog over the last few weeks.  I've been hit with "mycoplasma"; also known as "walking pneumonia" which is ridiculously common among the expat community here. Ella had it about 3 weeks before I got sick.  2 weeks ago I had 3 days off work as I was feeling just so ridiculously tired and dizzy for about a week or so before that.  I went on antibiotics, had 3 days totally resting with my pup (could be worse) and then went back to work.  Fast forward a week, and even though I was still taking the antibiotics and I was struck down again. This time  even worse, with the horrid cough that is a common symptom.  So I'm back home, on stronger antibiotics resting with my pup again for 3 days this week (plus we have Thursday and Friday off for Thanksgiving).

Anyway in amongst all that, Oscar has come and gone, Remi has gone with him (and they're in the states right now-Oscar's already up in VT), we have a new helper (I had to interview feeling really unwell and needless to say the house looked a bomb had gone off after young men hanging around and me not being well enough to clean).

Oh yes, and Kit had his play, The Good Doctor:

In our brand new theatre (yes, I forgot to take a proper camera).  Kit was playing a general (again- he tends to get type cast in that role)

Work has been crazy busy (nothing new) and I'll need to go in over the weekend to work on reports and portfolios etc.

Some work I've been doing with the kids at school:

KG1s have done monotypes using laminated sheets that they rolled paint onto and then drew into with their fingers then we made prints- they look so cute all together.

KG 2 have been doing flowers using color to express emotion (this is my favorite one)

Grade 4s are finishing up their warm and cool color self portraits that they have been working on for WEEEKS!!! MONTHS EVEN!!! I'm so done with them, but I really wanted them to get to some level of success with them and they struggled SO much with painting: applying paint, blending paint, using a paintbrush etc.

Meanwhile Grade 5 have finished doing their observational drawings and are onto their project making.  It's mad crazy as they are all doing different things, including paper mache, wire sculpting etc but they love it.

But the good news: only 24 days until we leave for the US for Christmas.  I'm very sad about leaving the puppy, but at least I know she and Loki are best buds (they play fight EVERY day- for HOURS!!!) and have each other for company.

And here's a few photos for my dad that I took a few weeks ago.


  1. Thank you, very flash. By the way I eventually discovered my phone is too old for that app...of course didn't find out until after I deleted all the numbers... So is the dog "yours" yet? And who will be looking after her while you play in the snow?
    Now get better

  2. Love those houses. And as Steve says, get well. I reckon Vermont may do it...


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