17 November, 2014

puppy videos

Oh my goodness what a week has made to this timid little pup.  She's just come out of her shell in the last week (maybe it was spending 3 days on the couch with her when I was sick last week).  My greatest joy every day is when I walk into the room, or come home from work and she's just besides herself excited.  She's gone from being sad and scared to being a skippedy bundle of puppy goodness.  Helps that she's putting on weight and growing and just looks so healthy now.  She still has her timid moments, but she's so much better.  And she and Loki have hit it off.  They look for each other all the time and play like this on the couch for hours!!!

video video video video video
And while we don't usually allow animals on the couch (or dogs at least), it's the place she feels safest and happiest.  


  1. I think she's turning into a cat.
    Loki has grown up!

  2. "Dogs not allowed on couches? Don't be ridiculous....Did you not learn anything at 01?" Emma


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