07 December, 2014

hanging and things

So after 9 days in bed, I finally dragged myself back to work on Wednesday.  Mainly because I had to do reports and I've been so unwell lately I hadn't even recorded anything, so I had to go and look at actual work.  I got through the 3 days ok, and although I'm not 100%, I'm definitely on the mend.  But although I was laid up for a long time, I kept busy.  2 of the other art teachers and I are having a stall at the school Christmas fair next weekend, so I've been busy making a few things. 

I got totally side tracked in the middle of all that making and tried a little basket work (I don't really know what made me try it this way as I don't remember ever being shown how to do it.)  And I LOVE it.  I've become increasingly infatuated with baskets over the last year or so, so it was only a matter of time until I gave it a go.  This one started out as and open one, but I ended up making a lid for it too.
 I've been crocheting some mustaches to sell.
 And Christmas trees.  I've also made a few more cacti, Ella made some wands and I have my pillows as well.  We will see how we go.

In other news... This year one of my colleagues, Tanya,  and I have been working really closely with the admissions section of our school to provide artwork for them to hang in their new new, very sparse, offices.  Here's some of our grade 1 collage pieces (yes, they need to sort the hanging out, that wasn't us).  We photocopy the students' work so that they can take it home.  It also makes the work look cleaner.
 And here's KG2 self portraits done with water colors.
 One of the upper school teachers has also provided work and I absolutely love these prints that she did with 8th grade where they had to look at the new school building and incorporate elements from the design into their abstract prints.  (sorry to Tanya for getting her in the shot talking)
 A gratuitous puppy photo because I love that spotty snout.
A sneaky selfie of the ridiculous new vests we have to wear while on yard duty.  It is SOOO hot.  It's like wearing a plastic bag.  Makes me come in DRENCHED in sweat.  And we're not allowed to use our phones while on duty...but there were no kids in that area yety.
 My 4th graders have FINALLY finished their self portraits and I have hung them up.  While these started as painted portraits, I quickly saw that the kids REALLY struggled with painting.  Half of them didn't even know how to use a paint brush properly or were capable of BLENDING.  SIGH.  I think that's partly why they took so long.  So to finish them off they could use color pencil, chalk pastels and oil pastels.  Greatly improved some of them.  This is the board outside my classroom (my Tuesday and Friday classroom).  As it's the one you see as you are walking down the hall, I put some of the best work here... along with the learner profile attributes and attitudes from the unit.
 This wall is also pretty much in the spotlight: I added some art words to this wall to fill in some blank spots.
 The next two walls are more tucked away, and obviously in a darker corner as my phone struggled to take focused photos.  To fill in the gaps here, I used some of the photo copies of the portrait drawing process from their sketchbooks...

 A gorgeous little series of Loki enjoying the new brush I bought for Meeka.
(Poor Ella's been sick in bed for the last 3 days with a stomach bug)
2 weeks of school left!!!  So looking forward to the snow, the cold, the big boys, the friends.
I'm glad Meeka and Loki will have each other to keep company over the break.

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  1. great post, love seeing your classes art work. The cat face awwww so cute. The basket is ridiculously awesome. Love it. So excited for you to be going to Vermont. Hope you get to catch up with Em while you a re home. xxx


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