05 September, 2014


I have a class arriving in 10 minutes.  Things have been CRAZY busy here this week and I have quite a bit to share, but no time.  Working 7 am to 10pm last few days...ARGH.

Anyway, this is something I did with my grade 1 and KG2 classes yesterday.  SO much fun!

I sandwiched blobs of cheap poster paint between 2 table cloths, VERY well taped up; triple edge folds and taping.
 Smooshed them out...and waited for the fun to begin...
 The kids LOVED it.  At the end of the day my classes were pressing parts of their faces into it; making ear prints and nose and chin prints.
Even Ella had a blast with it after school
 And I'm loving the mono prints we made when we pulled it apart again.

Only issue: my table cloths were too thin and kept ripping  (tiny holes).  I managed it by taping it all up...but I want this to be REALLY interactive so they can lie on it and really use big motions.  I'm going to see if I can find some thicker clear plastic this weekend and set up a more permanent one.

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