06 September, 2014


Last weekend I had such a great time using my Indian woodblocks that my friend brought me back from India (plus one I bought in the US) to do some block printing.
I just loved this soooo much.
From the peacock panel I made a new table runner to go on our teak coffee table that arrived last week.
 I even inspired Ella to open my screen printing kit that I got a number of years ago (seriously, it has just sat in the box) and watch youtube videos etc and make her own screen.
 I came home late on Monday night after a meeting at school to find her happily printing away

Love this, and can't wait to do more printing adventures together.


  1. will send you some Chinese print wood blocks we bought there in 1987 and some associated stuff including our VVD (bone, possibly....)

  2. aweeeessssommmmeeeee Ella!


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