29 August, 2014


Before I discovered Pinterest and Instagram this blog had many photos and links and ideas....
Unfortunately I have succumbed to the instant, to the visual, and this blog feels like an effort compared to other mediums.  Almost everything you see here these days is second hand; reposted.

However, I also like the room that I have in this blog to be more personal, more fleshed out, have more photos, and to have more of a "chat".

Tonight we received our stuff from Australia that over 8 years ago we put into storage.  I had an idea of what was there.  I had vague memories of what we'd deemed storage-able, however we were all quite excited unpacking what had almost become a time capsule.

This Chair, from our time in New York, for instant, I had totally forgotten about. I love this chair.  I love this fabric and rather than recover the whole thing, I think I want to have a go at adding patches.
 This well travelled table was bought in Singapore 14 or so years ago.  It has travelled to New York, Sydney and now finally back to Singapore (it's a very expensive and well travelled coffee table....and these opium style tables are out of favour here in SG right now, and are nearly impossible to find.  They were everywhere when we lived here before.)
 I made Ella make this pose: when she was 4 or 5 I let her try on my wedding dress and she was so thrilled.  She tried it on again tonight.  it is a beautifully simple dress and I still love it 20 + years on. (and no it doesn't fit right now)
 The crown, however, I found her in.  I let all the kids have a big plastic tub to fill with their special things.  She sat there for hours this evening rediscovering her things.  Rememberings form Kindy, drawings I'd saved, bits and bobs.  For people like us who have moved and moved again and again, these things, this "stuff",  have extra special meaning.
 In a moment of clarity and genius I put stickers on all the special things detailing their provenience.  Who's teddy was whose, what year etc.  In this photo we have my mum's 60++ year old dog, my 30++ year old bear and the various others that my kids had.
 And the pots that I've made, the trophies, the chair my mum had made for Oscar 20 years ago, Oscar's old school hat from 15 years ago...
 I have also found Matt and my year books (Matt's reading his now), clothes from when the kids were little, gifts and treasures the kids have given us over the years, even old letters to Santa and the tooth fairy.
 Not to mention this; made for my birth, and a baby blanket my mum crocheted for me...
 And, and the one thing I had totally forgotten about; my grandmother's knitting basket that I inherited when she died, along with a gorgeous basket my mum made.

Was it worth the thousands spent on keeping and shipping these things?  Why, yes, I think it was!


  1. What about the toy box?

  2. so fun. Have done this lots of times too. Love your dress x. I just chucked out heaps of College and Uni notes! Admire people who can get rid of all their "stuff". Its so hard.


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