07 September, 2014

postcard from Singapore: Bugis

For the last month, every Saturday morning I've been going for a massage.  Last weekend, afterwards, I decided that we needed to do some exploring.  I walked from Raffles City mall north to BUGIS.
 Bugis is an area that really fascinates me.  Really central, close to Orchard rd and really not that far from where we live; it's a place I'd NEVER been.  So I got Matt and Ella to meet me there.  We had lunch, had a wander around, and then Matt went home.
 Bugis Junction Mall is architecturally really interesting: old shop houses enclosed into a mall.  Ella and I had a great time wandering around there and then on the way to the bus stop discovered Bugis St indoor market which was a lot like the markets we went shopping in when we went to Saigon...except air conditioned.
 We had a great time and it's a place I want to go back to.

On the way home I was struck by the beauty of this papaya tree.
 Not only the shape of the leaves, but also the texture of the trunk.  It's something I"d love to have a go at rendering in print.

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