17 June, 2014

We've been..

 Spending some time with Oscar's girlfriend, Erica.
 Doing a fair amount of shopping...however we did somehow manage to leave behind this outdoor bear chair...
 Walking every morning (so nice!).  This morning I managed to drag Ella out and we walked by our old house just to see what had been done....
 The wall is repaired, but all the gorgeous reeds are gone.  There's a massive hill that's appeared behind the old she, so I guess that's where they went....
 Geese are still everywhere.

 There's a new massive white fence around part of the house with a play gym inside.
 And a boat...and cars parked on my old veggie garden.

We walked down to the cove and had fun exploring.  Looking out to Long Island.

 Looking across to Weed Beach in Darien.
 Selfie looking back toward our old house...
 And one looking out to Long Island Sound
 A recreation of an old photo...
 A VERY low tide

It was a lovely little walk.  Really enjoying them.  Now, to shower, then off to Costco!

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  1. Honey, how amazing that you're posting up photos of the 'old house' in Connecticut - I can't believe it! it's quite nostalgic for me, and I expect it is for all of you. Who have you been staying with? Erica looks gorgeous and I can't wait to meet her. I'm taking them to Bruny. We had a lovely Parsons birthday party for Oscar, and Sarah made him a sword for his birthday. Have a wonderful time, love mum xxx


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