21 June, 2014

And we've been...

 I found some fun fabric markers in...I want to say Walmart...the other day.  Ella, Shelby and I decorated this little tank for Mireille.  So many possibilities...

We had dinner with Oscar's girlfriend, Erica's family and she presented us with these fantastic plates that she painted all featuring local Vermont places and logos.  Very cool.
 Kit and Ella and I spent a day in NYC.  The day wasn't quite as originally planned... Kit decided last minute to come, and it rained most of the day...
 There were large amounts of teenage bickering and with these two, we can never agree on anything we all want to do...
 Except maybe have cupcakes....
 This photo was taken after I lost my temper with them (for not the first time) and it was supposed to be the two of them in front of the LOVE sculpture...but Kit wouldn't play.
 And even though Kit was adamant that he didn't want to go, I dragged him along to the MAD museum right off columbus circle for a bit of a look.  It's a fun museum which really combines art and craft in a way that I love.  Matt and I went to the opening there a few years ago, and I love to support it.  Unfortunately they were setting up an exhibit on 2 of the floors, so it was a bit limited.
 However, I loved this piece which is free hand machine embroidered:,
 And this piece which is appliqued all out of clothing tags.

Ella and I also participated in a bit of art making, with this photo... it was set up so that if you stood on a spot it took a photo which went into a project...and you could send it to yourself too.

 Part of the problem with going anywhere with Kit is that he CONSTANTLY wants to eat.  (and this is the only photo I got of him all day)
 And Ella finally got a fedora!  It helped to keep the rain off.
 Yesterday, we packed up, and hit the road in Dave our hired Yaris.  Oh those blue skies.
 And arrived up in Vermont to our house.  Our lovely house.
 Where there's lots to do....and the nights are at the moment nice and cold...requiring the use of my crocheted blanket that I made a few years ago...

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