15 June, 2014

The other side!

The strangeness that is my life continues.  I feel like I packed up my "Georgia the teacher in Singapore" box on Friday and put it into storage for the next 6 weeks, pulled out my "Georgia the house renovator in America" box, and I'm living out of that one for the next month or so.

We finished up at school on Friday (and yay! I found out I have my own classroom next year! - can't remember if I've announced it here, but I'm also full time next year which is awesome).  

Our flight was just before midnight on Friday, so we headed off to the airport around 9:15pm.  28 hours of travel later and we walked in the door of our friends' house here in Connecticut.

We flew Singapore airlines this time which was very nice.  A short stop in Frankfurt (I was LOVING hearing German again) and then on to NYC.  It's funny because the whole plane ride Ella kept asking me if I was excited, and I wasn't really.  After doing so much travel, I tend not to get so excited, but I also feel like I live a bit more in the moment with it all, and the moment we walked out of JFK to wait for our taxi, I did feel excited.  Excited to be back, excited to feel (still) like it's my town, excited to recognise things and to see the changes.  And the weather right now: GLOR-I-OUS!
When we got up to CT, it really felt like home.  Especially with these gorgeous friends who are just the easiest to be around.  We arrived to a note on the door saying "welcome home, come in, it's not locked, we will be back soon."  Love it!  Last night we sat out in the garden, had a fire, made some s'mores, had some champagne and just enjoyed being back here with such great company.
 This morning I set my alarm for 7am (we are seriously confused with our time zones) and went for my old 5 mile walking loop I used to do with our dog.

 This town is seriously beautiful (and wealthy!!!)
 Came back to the kids all watching morning cartoons in their jammies.  Off to get phone cards this morning, do a bit of shopping etc.  Loving it!


  1. I am SO excited you are back there! I even had a tear I was that excited xxx

  2. I'm so excited too, it's like we're there with you. ItIS really gorgoeus! mum xx


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