08 June, 2014

Fairly good

We had our craft fair yesterday.  Well I say "craft" fair, but as I am learning here in SG, most stuff is NOT hand made, and there's always at least 2 cake stalls. 
Outside on the street were car repair shops and a motor bike shop, but walk up 3 flights of stairs and there's this amazing little "shop house" style venue called white lofts.  One more flight takes you to the owner of the space's studio (AMAZING SPACE).  I would have quite happily moved in and it would make a decent sized apartment...not so good for a fair though.

I think Lindsey and my table looked amazing.  We think it was a church group who organised the event, so it was really well attended, but not necessarily the right people for buying hand made.  I find that any event I've done where it's a fund raiser for a school etc and there are other things happening, the vendor stalls don't do so well.  There were loads of kids running around and games in the other room and craft activities upstairs in the studio etc, but while people will happily spend $10 on 5 games, they baulk at spending it on something that's been painstakingly hand made.  It's strange.

Anyhoo, I made about $150, but spent about $95, because I do like support makers of beautiful things. Strangely enough, I only sold about 5 cacti in the end.  People kept telling me they thought they were real....  The biggest seller, my $2 boiled egg cosies.  I sold all of them and had to make some more.  The kids were using them to put small change in and one boy bought 6 of them he liked them so much. WHO KNEW!

It'a a funny thing because I really do enjoy the process (although sitting on your bum for 6 hours straight and smiling at people is strangely exhausting), and I would do it again.  It's just finding the RIGHT market, and the right crowd, I'm sure.  

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  1. The murals are gorgeous; your stall looked gorgeous; Ella is gorgeous - she looks THE BEST in those boots and that gorgeous blue-coloured dress! x Oh and Rem is gorgeous too! x


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