08 June, 2014

Number 4

Last week it was Ella's turn to "graduate".  It's funny to think that that was the 4th and final 8th grade graduation ceremony that we'd been to, and compared to the ones that were in Connecticut in the unairconditioned gym at the beginning of summer, packed to the rafters with HUNDREDS of kids, the ones here have been quite pain free.
 The kids had been allowed to leave school early to get ready, and I had no idea what Ella looked like (apart from her dress) until she got there as she'd gone off with a friend to get all dolled up.
 She looked gorgeous and was so happy.  I had been in the art store room clearing up until about 10 minutes before and quickly picked up some scraps and made her a "bouquet".

The school provided some food and a very short dance for them afterwards (and some volunteer parents did an amazing job of transforming the gym). It was all about her and her friends, and she's loosing quite a few this year, sadly.  Part of Expat living, unfortunately.

 And I love that no matter how made up and girly she looked on top...this was her choice of footwear.
Mah girl's got style.

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