29 May, 2014


Last week was all about my second born.  He finished his 3 weeks of International Baccalaureate Diploma exams.  We are both proud of him and the effort he put in.
He then had his senior prom... the suit we bought him last year was a little snug as he's been bulking up a bit this year.
He's still a handsome lad...must get it from his mother....NOT.
Then Sunday was his graduation ceremony.  We missed having Oscar there with us.
His school has a nice auditorium with individual air conditioning vents under the seats.
What follows are some really grainy iphone photos as I'd left my good camera at school!

Caps were tossed in the atrium (the video won't load)
And photos taken with family.

And lots of instagramming.


  1. My family is awesome.

  2. you are awesome Rem xxx well done on all your hard work xxx


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