26 May, 2014

Things we've been doing:

 Shakespeare in the park with the school.  Fort Canning Park, Merchant of Venice.

 Looks fun, and it was, but OH SO HOT!!!
Putting up with lots of rain:

Which rained (and lightening-ed) out Ella's first touch rugby tournament last weekend.  They managed to play yesterday winning 3 out of 4 games.  I got sunburned even though I spent the whole time in the shade.
 Matt and I headed out to Sentosa Island last weekend before he headed off to London for the week to watch Pete Murray in concert.

The first time I've been back to Sentosa in 14 years and BOY has it changed!
This is about as tropical island beach as Singapore gets....it's ALL man made.
 The concert was at the WAVE HOUSE and we had a fun dinner watching the beginners on the wave machine.

As it got dark, the reality became obvious...that's NOT an island or city out there....that's all the ships that are constantly parked around Singapore.

It was a  lovely night though.  While we were waiting for the band to come on, I sat with my feet in the pool.

Behind the stage was the big boys' wave machine and they put on a show for us.

The concert was fun.  Really intimate.  Lovely night.

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  1. you introduced me to Pete Murray when we lived in the US!!


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