08 April, 2014


ARG!  just no time for blogging these days.  So a quick round up.  
First, super cute in the MRT station.

A fun night with some old friends last Sunday

My second child turns 18!!!

Some favourite parts of the mural which is s l o w l y coming along.  We had another painting Sunday this weekend to fix some bits.

This wall still needs LOADS of work...
And if I'm honest, I've been spending all my spare minutes catching up with some old (as in started YEARS ago in Connecticut) embroidery projects, and actually getting them finished.
Both of these are about 20 cm square.  The "Ella" one I'm going to make into a little pillow for her bed.  The other I'd like to put in a frame.

I really enjoy this kind of free hand embroidery.  I love to just sit and listen to a book and go for it.  I'm really intrigued/inspired by this artist.

Only 4 more days until we head off to Tassie!!!

And 2 more months until we go to the US!!!.

Not that I'm counting....

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