03 April, 2014

So this happened

It's been a bit crazy around here lately.  Last week our live in helper left (she just wasn't cutting it in terms of what we needed...I made sure she found somewhere else to go, but have been dragging my heels about getting someone else), coinciding with another round of reporting and digital portfolio making at school and just the general lag we are all feeling as the term drags on and on and on.  Remi's on his second week of school holidays, whereas our school still has another week to go. It will have been 15 weeks of school with only one 4 day weekend in there...the kids at school are so tired, but not as tired as the teachers!

But I had to drop in and share what happened on Friday night.

Kit is supposed to be having his appointment to have his cast off on Friday of this week...

But he no longer has a cast on.
After dinner out on Friday night, he walked all the way home on his cast carrying his crutches.  He's been begging me to cut it off for about 3 weeks now.  And while sensible people would have waited/made an appointment, I knew the time was right and out came the bread knife and scissors..
 (I can't believe how much Remi's arm and leg look like Matt's there).  After having a hot from friction knife touch his leg a few times, Kit took matters into his own hands and finished the job himself.
 We face timed Oscar in Australia so he could be in on the action too.  Ah, family times.  Shame he couldn't experience the smell too.  First thing Kit did was have a bath.
 And while I had to strip and wash the couch cushions the next day, Kit is much happier.
He even got new shoes this week to celebrate.  I'm so glad his cast is off before we head down to Tassie next week.  He's tendons and muscles are very week, and he's limping mainly from lack of control, and tired again because of that.  It will be interesting to see what the singapore doctors say on Friday...

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