07 January, 2014

Stu Stu studio...

Or perhaps Cha Cha Changes... ALL those 80s songs as blog titles.

Survived my first day back at work.  Good to see all my kids again and to start to get back into the swing of things.  Nice to come home to my own little work room.

So, some photos.
 We kept Kit's single bed in there and turned it into a day bed kind of set up.   We also kept Kit's cupboard.
 I really should have ironed my Launceston to Hobart tea towel, but the one downside of this room is there isn't enough room to keep my ironing board up and it got a bit bent out of shape in the move and doesn't like to go up and down.
 I made a new cushion cover for the bed, and using some scraps from that and a few more I made a sewing machine cover which doubles up as a cat bed for when I'm actually using the machine.

 My cute little crocheted mushroom collection I got for Christmas (my pom pom banner is hanging above the window, Chels)

 For now I've inherited Kit's Darlek to victory poster, but I will have to give that back to him soon.
 Something else I probably should have ironed before I framed it...things get squished in suitcases. Oh yes, and you can see there are some of Matt's guitars around as it's his room too....
 Through to Ella's room through the bathroom.
Oh, and that cupboard of Kit's is BRILLIANT for hiding all manner of things..the two massive roll out drawers at the bottom are perfect for my fabric stash.
 And so on to Ella's room, where Kit was caught scoffing pop corn in the chair that used to be in his room.
( the pink post its on the door frame are Ella's 21 day countdown to form a good habit...like remembering to brush her teeth...everyday she'd move the number she was on to the other side of the door frame)

 Her extensive lantern collection

 So there you have it.  It almost feels like we have our own little apartment here when we keep all the doors open. We can still chat to each other and Loki loves to have the run of the two rooms..


  1. Good stuff, but of course would of liked more of Matt's guitars etc and a close-up of what was on the music stand...thought for a moment it was Micky Baker, but no...anyway it all suggests a move from Singapore is not going to happen tomorrow. But could I please have some details on that particular guitar...has he moved on from his Les Paul?
    Dad from Maggie's computer...while I am not at uni don't tend to use my lap top computer as much

  2. That looks wonderful - and functional. I love the mushroom lantern. It's lovely, isn't it, when you can be happy away and happy at home.
    The Other Maggie XXXX

  3. Steve, that is a Gibson LP. Cherry red colour. I want to move on (and up) but the birthday is coming... Not sure if I want to a better les paul, or a Fender Tele.

    In the bag behind it Oscar's Fender Strat (cheapy knockoff version).

    1. While the Tele is a guitar everyone should aspire to, even us really old blokes, and have at least one of course, it may be time to aspire to a 335 (rather than waiting for inheritance, even if merely an Epiphone but oh so lovely) or even better, a Gibson ES 175 or 165...of course keep your Les Paul but ...time to get serious? Perhaps an old one, from some old jazz player in Singapore...

  4. I have always aspired to a 335. I just don't have the chops to justify it. That's a project for sitting on the porch in retirement.

  5. Not only sitting on a porch, in the gallery (Snork's gallery perhaps) with a very worn out copy of Micky Baker...I am actually just about up to the solo guitar second half...you will end up with an epiphone dot (essentially a 335) hopefully not completely worn out,...but I suspect an ES 165 (Herb Ellis) or 175 (Kenny Burrell) if not an L5 (Jim Hall) would be an exciting complement to your LP, if not a 335 BB King stereo variation...that said most of the jocks I have known have had their telecaster phase.

  6. love your little fox statue, the blue trolley, Ella's little plates on her wall, your pillows... ahhh so cool. Looks great. Wanna hear more about the post it notes thing on Ellas door.....


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