06 January, 2014

One more!

Somehow I missed this Saturday out.  The day before we went up the East Coast, the day we went to the market.  And some of these photos are so dear to me because they're of my kids playing together, being kids.
 We had a blast at Salamanca, explored the Taste of Tasmania, and met up with an old friend from Uni very briefly.  We had other relatives to see and so we planned to meet up again in the afternoon at one of the parks Oscar and Remi used to love as kids.

 And Remi still has to jump on everything (for some reason this video is super speedy)
 My camera is still sporting a moustach from Ella's birthday party.

 Oh and the day that Matt flew out we went back down to the Taste to catch up with an old friend of my mum's and mum, Jake and Sarah

 We wandered around and had a look at the Sydney to Hobart yachts

 And had some family photos

 And here's a few extra iphone photos from the airport too...
 These two will miss each other.

 And Ella was crying saying good bye to Oscar...he did tell me that photographing it was ruining the moment.
 So I took a sneaky one later...
 Right, that's me DONE!  I'll probably be a bit sparse around here over the next few weeks as I get back into work, and we have report cards.  I really want to share my updated studio space...maybe next weekend.

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  1. i just caught up with your posts ...i have been so slack..sorry we never got to see each other when you were here but so glad you got to catch up with the Parsons crew ..looks and Sounds like you had heaps of fun ....so nice to have your Oscar here for a sleepover when Chels had a Photoshop...so funny having a young gentleman around the house ..but he fit in very well...love the riot of colour for the CNY too... and the apartment is so welcoming ..i just want to come and sit down and scoff some of that popcorn ..he he XXXXXX


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