11 January, 2014

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Or "Happy (Chinese) New Year" in Mandarin.

This week at school we've been doing quite a lot of Chinese New Year decorations.  My 4th graders I have working on a project which required them to research Chinese Dragons, draw a head and a tail and work out a way using a big box of scrap papers to make a body that can move like they do in the dragon  dances.  They are coming up with some amazing work which I can't wait to share next week as they come together.

And with my other classes this week, we've made lots and lots of lanterns

 We made these out of foam (mainly because we just didn't have enough coloured paper left for the 30+ classes that were doing this).  These photos are from my grade 1 class which I teach in their (carpeted) classroom so I have to think carefully about what I take in for art.  With my KG2 class (who I teach in the art room) we used glue and sequins, but with this class I had them decorate their foam before they cut it.  And actually, they loved that part and really took care when decorating their lanterns (they used coloured sharpies).
 I just love the details and thought that they put into it.
 This week I remembered to take a photo of our mural in process.  It's starting to look really good.
 These are the HDB apartments where we're doing it.
 And here's Ella covered in oil based paint on the MRT on the way home... we both are, every week.
Yesterday I had to go to work for a while (so much for part time) and then I caught up with my lovely friend Ruth and we headed to China town for a bit of a browse.
 They are just starting to kick off all the decorations for Chinese New Year (the year of the horse, of course) and it really does look amazing.

 I don't think this is done for CNY, but it's pretty amazing, and strange all at the same time.
 There's no shortage of scenes like this, but you have to imagine very loud music such as this (and actually this is quite sweet and not so beat driven as a lot of them) playing in the back ground.  And lots of toys that move, bob heads or lucky cats swinging arms all at the same time.
 There was even a "stall" selling CNY plants...I bought 3 herbs.
 And a stall (open air) selling all manner of dried meats...
 Including whole ducks and fish.
 It is quite a riot of colour.  I actually bought on of those lion puppets...thought it would be fun to show my KG1 students this week and maybe we can make something related.
 I'm really glad Ruth dragged me down there.  I was feeling so tired after my first week back at work, but I had a great time, and it's always good to get out and remember that we are living in a foreign country.
 And then this morning, as an added treat, Matt took me out for breakfast which was really nice.  We came home and walked in to see the Christmas tree lighting up the whole entry way with the sun sparkling on it.  Which reminds me that I must take down the Christmas decorations this weekend...


  1. I love the Christmas tree and shooting star! And those lanterns...
    I was going to get rid of 'The Blue Horse' print this year - but I think it would be tempting fate.
    Maggie XXXX

  2. Gosh they're doing some great stuff. And the mural looks fantastic! Happy Chinese NY!
    mum xxx

  3. Gosh they're doing some great stuff. And the mural looks fantastic! Happy Chinese NY!
    mum xxx

  4. Gosh they're doing some great stuff. And the mural looks fantastic! Happy Chinese NY!
    mum xxx


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