06 January, 2014

The first week.

So here I am back at the beginning of our trip.
 We left in the evening, and needless to say, we didn't get much sleep.  Not often this happens these days (and yes they will kill me for it; I think Kit crawled in to my spot after I'd caught up with some sleep.)

But being the troupers that we are, that very night we headed off to St. David's park for Carols by Candlelight (Ella's first).  We met for the first time my niece Sarah (my brother's little girl who until recently has been living in Korea and now lives in Tassie with her very devoted and awesome dad)

 Ella and Sarah bonded straight away, even though Sarah is only nearly 7.

 It's been years since I've done Carols, and Jake and I had great fun hamming it up.

 Santa does things differently in Australia, even if it is FREEZING!
 The first few days before Oscar arrived I drove the kids around lots and showed them my home town.  This is the view from my brother's front steps.
 After the cold of the first few nights we had some gorgeous weather and I took the kids to the beach in Sandy Bay

 And we went to Richmond with my Mum, where we headed down to the Coal River and mum surprised us by hiring a row boat!  Hilarity ensued.

Between Kit and I being not so well matched for rowing, the water being only inches deep in some parts and Ella freaking out every time the boat rocked slightly to the side (like when I leaned in for this photo), it was hardly relaxing.

But we managed to row under the oldest bridge in Australia...eventually...

Ella really didn't have much faith is us.

Ella LOVES little caravans like this
I also took Kit and Ella up to the old fort, near where I grew up.  My old house is now a school, but I was really disappointed generally with how the area has changed.  Funnily enough though, I've since remembered that I have a really similar photo to this of Kit and Ella when they were both A LOT smaller.

Somewhere in here my Dad arrived and Jake and Sarah and I had a lovely dinner with Dad (but sadly no photos)

And then Oscar arrived and we picked him up from the airport and went down to visit my Nan again.
My gorgeous, lovely, sweet Nan.
Oscar arrived just in time to celebrate Ella's 13th birthday

There was some bubble tea...
And a big family birthday party at Mures on the docks...complete with party hats and birthday Mustaches

And a Grandma made TARDIS cake.

And cousins...
And Aunties and Uncles and grandparents galore

I'm not sure why it looks like I'm sitting on my mother in law's lap

The girl had a blast!
And the next day, Dad and Remi arrived and we were all together again...

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