26 January, 2014


Sorry for the lack of blogging around here lately.  We had lots going on here last week with my first round of report cards (all inputting of info had to be done at school, so on Wednesday last week I was there from 7 am to 9pm), we had our lovely and wonderful neighbours the Swinburnes visiting.

 Swinny is fantastic with the kids. I was fortunate enough to see the beginning of this assembly and watch all of another one.  They worked him hard all week, but Heather and I had a couple of days hanging out together, discovering some hidden areas of Singapore
roof top garden

And on the Friday night we went out to dinner with Steve and Heather (although I had got food poisoning earlier in the day and it's taken me a good week to get over it)
They've gone off to do other schools in Borneo and Sumatra, but are stopping back here for 2 nights with us in a few weeks.

Yesterday, we had our big mural painting day with the school and local community.  It was amazing! Hats off to my two wonderful colleagues, Sarah and Lindsey, for getting this whole thing up and running.
Ella and I got there early yesterday, so I took some photos before the chaos began.  The covers were up only for the event, usually it's not covered.  But we are having the driest "rainy season" I've ever known...it hasn't rained AT ALL for weeks.  But we're having lovely mild weather, less humidity and BREEZES!!!  but enough about the weather.
I wanted to try and take some photos to put in context where the wall is.  It's at the base of apartment buildings, around a little exercise park.


Got it?

And here's some photos from the event in action (taken fairly early on in the day).  It was so well supported, we had kids and parents from school, from the community, we had some local art school students, we had pizza, popcorn, a drumming circle, media taking photos.  It was crazy and exhausting and I loved every minute of it.

Sarah and Lindsey

I would have loved to have taken more photos, but I spent the whole 4 hours doing this:
Mixing paints and cleaning brushes.  Oh and there was a photographer hired for the event who took photos which they printed out there, put into a visitors book and had everyone sign their photo.  It was fantastic!

And here's a video Lindsey.  It really shows the atmosphere.  What a great day!  I'm really looking forward to continuing this mural through to the end of the school year.



  1. so awesome George. Love when art brings communities together xx

  2. the video is great cause it really gives you a feel of how huge it is!


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