21 December, 2013

Together again

So our family is all back together again.  I picked Matt and Remi up at the airport yesterday and today we are off to Bruny island (which is apparently the same size as Singspore) for 2 nights with my mum, brother and niece.

Ella had her birthday and i now officially have 4 teenagers....although not for long...Oscar is set up with a bank account and phone and is behaving more and more like a 20 something even though he still has a few months left before he hits that milestone.

I have some lovely photos, but my poor old iPad is really struggling these days and I'm not able to upload any photos on it.

We are all loving being here, it really is a special place, and being around so much family is really nice.

1 comment:

  1. Enjoy Bruny together. Can't wait till you can post photos.
    Maggie XXXX


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