24 November, 2013


We really enjoyed the 50th anniversary special...something quite exciting about sitting in the dark and watching it, then going back to bed at 5:30 am to catch up on the missed sleep.  The show itself was a great romp; I only wish it was longer as the waiting between shows seems to get longer all the time.  I must make sure that we have a TV handy on Christmas day to watch the Christmas special this year....

Only Kit, Ella and I made it up at 3:30 am, and this morning has been really difficult trying not to spoil it for Matt and Remi who will watch it with us again tonight.

But I'm mainly stopping in here to share this little gem in case there are those out there that haven't seen it: The five(ish) doctors
Hopefully you can watch it where ever you are in the world.  It really is only something for true fans of the show and it pleases me so much. 

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  1. I thought of you 6am our time this morning but didn't join you. I shall watch tonight though - so shall join yous then - bar Oscar, of course. Very exciting times for you all.
    Maggie XXXX


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