23 November, 2013


Yesterday I was lucky enough to have a lovely long coffee morning with my dear friend Estelle from the US who was here for a quick visit for her dad's 80th birthday.  Henrik and Estelle live in Brooklyn, we went to their wedding at the city hall in NYC, they have a house up the road from us in Vermont and they have 2 adorable twins who I have known from when they were TINY.  Estelle brought little Camille (nearly 2) over with her and I had a lovely time playing with her and having little 2 year old cuddles.  I only wish I could have seen Luc too, and spent more time with them all.  SOOOOO lovely to see friends.

And excitement is building in the house right now as we anticipate the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special which is showing live in Singapore at 3:50 am tomorrow.  At least Ella and I ( and possibly Matt) are getting up to watch it (with Jammy Dodgers and Jelly babies) and we have a party planned for tomorrow night for the second showing.  Just a shame that Oscar couldn't be here to share it with us...  BUT OH MAN! are we excited!!!  We've been watching all the mini prequels this week, and keeping an eye on all the hype (got to love the guardian).  I only hope it lives up to our expectations...

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