16 November, 2013

The Play's the thing!

So, I've been waiting for some photos to appear to share Kit and Ella's play that they were in last week. I helped out by sewing a bit for the stage and helping with hair and make up and teenager wrangling on the night, and even though I watched the play both nights,  I didn't take any photos (ahem).

The play was called The Matchmaker and it's a nice little comedy.  The drama teacher split the cast so that more kids could be involved, and actually it worked quite well, although it led to obvious comparisons between the two actors playing the same role.

I have to say, both Kit and Ella were awesome.  Kit had a more major part as the tyrannical uncle and Ella was his sweet and naive niece (a bit weird when they were in the same scene together).  They have a fantastic drama teacher at this school, and they are both really fortunate to have this experience with her.  And well done to both of them as the cast was only 21 students and around a hundred auditioned.

So, some photos...screen shots from the book of faces.  They had a professional photographer there one night, so I hope to be able to share some more at some point.

Ella at the end on the right and Kit in the middle with the big red sash


  1. Bouquets. Bouquets. Bouquets. All those hours of practice were worth it. Well done Kit and Ella!!!
    GrandeMaggie XXXX

  2. awesome. Were the dresses all made for the play?


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