10 August, 2013

Birthday boy

Yesterday was Kit's birthday.  14.  And it was also Singapore's birthday.  48.  We went out to dinner at the restaurant where Oscar works because it was the only way of having a family dinner.  Well, a kind of family dinner.  But Kit and Ella hadn't been to Oscar's restaurant before, so it was exciting for them.

The trains were packed to the rafters as everyone was going off to watch the national day parade and celebrations.  We just thought it was nice that the Government had put up posters everywhere to wish Kit a happy birthday!

As for the photos taken at the restaurant; it's a tiny dark place...

The only photo I got of Oscar all night was this one of him doing his waiterly thing while Ella looks stunned and confused...

photos of food were encouraged.

Kit and Ella sat up at the bar for a while watching the sushi chef work his magic.

And Kit got a free birthday tiramisu...

We had a really fun night.  It's quite rare these days that we all go out together.  All these babes are growing UP!


  1. Happy Birthday Kit…… Shame you are not here in Vermont so we could celebrate together xxxx

  2. ok a late, happy birthday Kit, and I hope you had a fun time, all of you.
    Grumps etc

  3. It's crazy how fast they have grown up! Sad that we have only been in a smidgeon of that growing up too. We love you guys a ton xx tell kit I'm going to check out his birthday music xx

  4. looking at these pics again... you guys all make me smile. love you all xx


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