06 August, 2013

Something else

 Enough gory photos.  Just a quick one showing the Darlek that Ella and I ran into while we were waiting to change planes in Heathrow.
Started work yesterday.  Training for new teachers this week (3 days), planning and training etc next week for all teachers (6 days).  Having a blast.


  1. Lovely. Enchanted April arrived today. David Tennant in Broadchurch on telly here Friday nights. Good stuff.
    Maggie XXXX

  2. Ella would have loved that! So glad you're enjoying the new job, how exciting! mum xx

  3. He he. You doctor who fans!!! Awesome.

  4. loved catching up with your last three posts Georgia...such highs and lows in the three....emotional roller coaster really...loved the bathroom vanity makeover too...those little round tiles are gorgeous XXXX


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