11 August, 2013

weekend makings

Poor Ella has been left a bit to her own devices this week.  Kit and Remi have been out with friends quite a lot, Oscar's at work and she has been left at home to do her own thing while Matt and I have both been working.  So it was nice to have an extra long weekend (4 days!!) to do things both with her and the others, including Matt.

We baked.  A birthday cake for Kit.  Ella is really into baking right now, so I even started writing up her own recipe book of her favourites.
 We spent some very companionable time together working on our new obsession; creating Zentangles, also known as Tangling.  Although, of course, we like to do it out own way.  This was my take on it all. I have to take a photo of her work at some point as I think she's done a remarkable job.
 We finished her start on Peanut the elephant - a pattern she found in one of my books in VT and was determined to make.  She brought the book back with her and made a start on it this week while I was working.  She ran into a few issues both with the pattern and my temperamental sewing machine and so we spent a few hours working on it together the other day (sorry for the blurry photo...I was holding him and so forgot to focus my broken lens)
 She is very pleased with Peanut and he came out to dinner with us for Kit's birthday the other night.
 Today I whipped up this little "apron" for school.  It's really for the pockets as I hate how all my "work clothes" are pocketless, so this seemed like a solution.  I'll see how it goes when I finally get into the class room.  The strip across the front actually has 4 pockets...for cards and my phone and pens etc.
I also made a "lunch bag" out of a 4 dollar plastic table cloth today too, which, of course, I forgot to photograph.  It was a nice break for me after doing some study.  And next week 6 days of planning, training and working at school...just between you and me I am terrified.


  1. Good to see you have your guard up for that last photo, and possibly a front stance....good....
    Dad (getting ready for his big week)

  2. Ha ha your dad cracks me up. You look great. Love the elephants ears Ella x and the apron is super cute. I'd wear it out!!! So excited to hear about your job. Love seeing all the things you pin. I can see your mind is exploding with ideas xxx

  3. Great apron and muscle definition in arms. Lovely elephant with very useful ears. Would love a slice of Kit's cake...
    Maggie XXXX


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