13 July, 2013

And there were goats

Gorgeous miniature goats with two little kids! These were such gorgeous little things, so cuddly and sweet and yes, one day I want some little goats.

We had great fun visiting Emily today. Catching up after a year and a half and seeing her lovely family and gorgeous home.

We hung out by the lake in her town while her kids had swimming lessons. (I totally didn't mean to get that bum shot in this photo of Matt and Ella...too busy concentrating on my manual focus).

Of course, as is totally typical for me, I didn't get a photo of Em and I together, but I did get one of her yarn bombed tree and her lovely daughter, Yindi, performing one of her many circus tricks. Later on we had the slack line out (kind of like a thick, slack tightrope and utterly impossible!).

thanks for a lovely day Em, it seemed to go way to quickly!!!!



  1. Beautiful. Hope **e** blogs too.

  2. The goats are gorgeous! I like the photo of Matt & Ella too! xx

  3. ohhhh I wanted more photos xxxxxx Love Em, love you xxx

  4. and I want miniature goats!!!


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