15 July, 2013

And then there were 3

We drove Matt over to Albany yesterday for him to catch the train to New York, the bus to the airport, meet up with Remi before catching the plan back to Singapore.
We were sad to see him go. Now it's just Kit and Ella and Me for our last 2 weeks. Still work to be done, and hopefully some play too before we go. Feeling sad thinking about leaving already, but it will be good to be all together again. (Oscar is missing us and lonely and we have IM exchanges in the morning.) at some point I also have to get my head around the fact that I start work 4 days after we get back!!!!! (And yes, Kit is that tall now.)


  1. Interesting times, mind you now Oscar has a flash new camera he will be ok....of course it would all be easier if you had a house and jobs in Hobart with a holiday home on Bruny Island, but I suppose that would be just too boring for the Parsons. Anyway enjoy your next two weeks thinking up some wonderful lessons.
    Dad (who should be frantically reading for writing up his exegesis, but is being a bit slack)

  2. awww Kits face made me sad xx


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