20 June, 2013


Today we got to hang out with Oscar; a novelty for his younger siblings who barely ever see him at home because he's so busy working!  We went to Costco to stock up on all those things that we just can't easily  cheaply get in SG..vitamins, sunscreen, etc.  I also got my lenses for my camera, only to discover that it is one of my lenses that is having issues (the camera body still was getting on a bit), and won't auto focus any more.  DOH!  But oh, how I love the new camera (it's a canon EOS 650 D for those that care).
Ella and I had some fun taking photos with it in the car while she was waiting for middle school to come out so she could see some of her friends.
 When we got home, Ella and her BFF's sister decided they wanted to dip dye their hair.  Here's Ella and Logan waiting for the bleach to kick in....
 And here's Ella, Logan and Luke (who wanted some coloured stripes put through his hair, but I didn't want to bleach it first)
 Ella went for Blue and purple dye which came out more like fushia and smokey grey.  We might have to give the blue another dip.  She tried to do this last weekend in Singapore with food colouring,  but it just didn't take.  She's been waiting for the summer to do it (they're not allowed dyed hair at school) as I usually cut her hair at the end of summer.  But she REALLY wants blue! Luckily we still have some left for another go later.


  1. Interesting stuff, no photos of Oscar playing but...and how much was the camera just in case...

  2. did Ella's friends know she was there at school waiting to see them? was it all squeals and hugging. would have loved to see that xxxx ps adore your friends house you stayed with in London... amazing x


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