24 June, 2013

Counting my blessings

Right now I'm on the train heading home from a day spent in Manhattan to the town where we lived for 6 years. Our superbly lovely friends who we have been staying with his week will pick us up from the station.

The last month I have travelled the globe, with my last 4 weekends being spent in Hong Kong, Singapore, London and CT/New York. On the way over here I calculated that I have been to 7(!) countries in the last year.

I have spent time with good friends made when we lived in CT, had a gorgeous time today with my amazingly gorgeous best friend from when I was an exchange student 24(!!!!) years ago in Norway (she moved to the US the exact same day we moved to Singapore). And she's kind enough to put Matt up for tonight.

Tomorrow I head up to our little slice of heaven on earth in Vermont and will have a wonderful summer catching up with our dearest friends (and have even convinced my Norwegian bestie to come up for a weekend).

There are times when our vagabond gypsy lifestyle is hard work, but there are times when I feel like the luckiest person in the world!

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  1. It was so great to see you! Like no time passed :) Can't wait to visit you in Vermont!

  2. It sounds like a marvellous time. I'm so happy for you. mum xxx

  3. awww brought tears to my eyes xxx


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