19 June, 2013

stitches in time

It's been quite surreal being back in Darien this week.  Especially as I've been using our friends' car to drive around in.  I've been trying to think of a metaphor for how it feels and the best I can come up with is a piece of fabric that has been darted....life before Singapore and being here are almost seamlessly joined except for a whopping great fold of fabric hidden below the surface which is a year spent in SG. The kids really feel it too and say how weird it feels to be here.  We've been up to the elementary school (which now has an armed police guard on staff post the New Town shootings) to see all the teachers and they have caught up with some of their friends.  It's funny how time seems to fold back on itself; it's the same yet different.

As for what we've been doing: lots of shopping.  Clothes mainly (they are expensive and hard to find in SG)...especially "work clothes" for me.  We've been hitting up all the classics: Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Kohls, Old Navy.  We'll head up to VT on Monday, so I want to make the most of what we have access to here.

I finally downloaded my photos from London, so I'll post a few here.  I did buy a new camera body duty free as I was leaving Changi airport, but in my addled wisdom I left my camera lenses behind in Singapore.  Oscar has brought them over here for me, but I don't actually know who he's staying with and so I'm still waiting for him to bring them over (DYING to play with my new baby).

This is the lovely house of our friends where we staying in London 

Ella was so thrilled to see Big Ben finally 

strawberries and cream on a waffle just to keep us going

when we came out of the London Dungeon exhibit, the sun had come out so we decided to hop on to the ferry up to the Tower of London.  The Dungeons was the only tourist attraction that we did because I couldn't face standing in line for an hour or more for anything else after that!

As for why there are very few photos of Kit...he wouldn't play along.  As you can see we got the full spectrum of weather.  These last few photos were taken in the rain.  We could have gone to watch the trooping of the colours for the Queen's birthday celebrations, but the weather was dismal so we kept stopping in shops and eateries to get out of the rain.


  1. What has happened to your Darien house? Still there? Hope there are some photos.
    love Dad (mid year examiners from Bendigo been and gone, now back to more exegesising and sculpting and drawing etc ,oh and also some glass box repairing before my opening in Broken Hill on the 6th)

  2. it's still there with people living in it, so I don't really want to go down and be too nosy. I kind of got to the point where I was done with that house. They must have had to do so much work after Sandy to clean it up as I've heard how high the water was!

  3. ohhh new camera... Im so excited for you. It was time!!! Love London pics, so want to go and take the girls (maybe 2 at a time) to see the world! Must be so surreal being back.


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