15 April, 2013


If someone who likes watching birds is called a "twitcher, does that make me a "knitcher"?

I was watching Alan Furst's "The Spies of Warsaw" recently (I bought it partly because I love a good historical fiction and partly because I love David Tennant) and I think the thing that got me most excited about it was when I saw Anna wearing this jumper (seriously, it was really not worth the 4 episodes) .

Absolutely hideous colour, but I love the structure of the garment and how the front panel allows you to showcase any stitch, but doesn't make the whole jumper boxy and chunky.  It's really quite simple. I also love the length of the sleeves and how they are also just a simple rib.

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before, but I find that I get so easily distracted by knitwear in movies and TV shows (and thanks to the joys of apple TV I was able to pause and shoot these photos). 
(if I allow myself to look at these photos for long enough I may become distracted by the wallpaper too...)

Anyway, that got me thinking about vintage knitwear and how beautifully structured it was.  I very much grew up in the 80s where the knits were big and chunky, boxy and oversized.  Where a cabled jumper made you look like the michelin man.  It is only really recently that I even bothered to learn how to do cables and knitted texture as I always saw it as a way to make a garment ugly.

 Some examples of the boxy ugly I'm talking about (although fine if you are a stick).

However, looking back at knits from the 30s and 40s (maybe even later) they have a shape to them which is flattering (even if you don't like the style)

 I guess all this is to say that I miss knitting and wearing knitted clothes.  Although I am knitting Remi a hat to wear to Ladahk (in India, on the top side of the Himalayas) when he goes in a few weeks.  I have that idea of Anna's jumper stuck firmly in my head and would love to design a little number along those lines (perhaps with a wider neck/v neck?).  


  1. Yep you're right. Those chunky jumpers look bad! What a contrast with those cute, shapely fifty's styles. LOVE the raised pattern - AND the sleeve length on Anna's jumper. I like the colour in the top picture - it's darker - just the light - kinda deep mustard? I'd wear it!
    Lyn x

  2. Phew that's a relief - for a while I thought you were going to spout German philosophy. I'm with you and Lyn - I really like those styles. Particularly the peplum. I have to say I like the chunky ones too. Just depends on the mood. And the temperature.

  3. he he... love it, love that you could get distracted by the wallpaper too!!!

  4. Crazy woman!!!! Did I ever tell you that Shorty's Grandmother used to do knitting for Chanel???

  5. I really like those old fitted styles too but what guage wool would they have used? They are more fashion statements than warm clothing to be owrn on top of Mt Wellington. mum

    ps where did you find the patterns?

  6. i LOVE the striped one towards the bottom. And you are right, a bit of structure goes a long way.


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