14 April, 2013

Our last day

The view back towards Mt. Wellington from Conningham Beach
Our last day was spent down the Channel with Dave and Chelsea and the girls (with their 3 kayaks), Matt's youngest brother Sam (who was visiting from Melbourne) and my mum and brother who dropped in to see us at the beach and take Mum's kayak out.

 The kids all had fun on the Kayaks...
 ...collecting these starfish (which although beautiful to look at are an introduced threat to the native sea life)
And generally doing what kids do best on a beach.
Meanwhile I was reconnecting with some old friends.  The sandstone cliffs around Tasmania are as much a part of my psyche as the silhouette of the mountain.  Many of the old buildings around Tasmania are made from Sandstone blocks.  I love the cliffs on the beaches where the wind and waves have created these most beautiful works of art.
 After the beach, we all went back to Dave and Chelsea's for a little extended family shindig.  Complete with hair and beard styling....
Rosie and Hattie doing their cousin Remi's hair...Remi seems somewhat reluctant.
Rosie may have started on her uncle Sam's hair, but she quickly progressed to his beard.

My brother, Jake, who seemed to be quite at home with the chaos of the Parsons clan.
Ella disappeared for a while to have a little cry as she was really sad to leave her cousins.
 She's right smack bang in the middle in ages of these two.
Darby, Ella and Bethan
 Jake suggested a photo all together before he and mum left.  Or course, a quick photo means setting up a tripod to a photographer....

Thanks to my lovely family for making this such a special trip!


  1. So good to see you all (bar Oscar) together. Lovely to see your Mum and Jake. Fabulous fun with the photo shoot!!
    Maggie XXXX

  2. What great photos - looks like you have had a fabulous time. Looking forward to seeing you in Vermont and perhaps making your blog!!!

  3. It was all such fun! mum xx


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