09 March, 2013


A few weeks ago when Heather and Steve were here, I took Heather to one of my favourite stores here in Singapore; Lim's.  When we lived here before we used to go to Lim's in Holland Village all the time.  Remi would love to look at the collection of beanie babies there, while for me it was all about the furniture, and runners.  In fact we still have a few items in storage in Australia that we bought there (when we've got ourselves a bit more sorted we are going to ship them back over here).  

My big purchase was this cabinet for our bedroom.  The "master bedroom" here has small built-ins, but most of the space is taken up with Matt's clothes (he seriously has WAY more clothes than me).  My system for my non hanging clothes was very inadequate, but rather than getting something from IKEA, I really wanted to get a piece of furniture that I loved (and was reasonably priced).  So, for the last few months I have been looking and searching.  This is what I chose.  It is actually a "shoe cabinet" with 4 shelves inside, but I like that it can be used for anything, really.

While I was there, I also picked up this little wall hanging which I love.  
I love the detail in the embroidery and looking at what all the children are doing.  And the colours.
I've been trying to work out a way to hang it.  In the end I went for one of the IKEA poster frames, cut a border out of some blue lining fabric I had, used a little bit of a glue stick just to hold everything in place while I sandwiched them together in the frame.

Initially I had planned to hang this in our bedroom as the colours work so well with my cabinet (better than my big orange nude, I know), but the last few weeks has seen a few trips to IKEA with my trusty friend with a car, Ruth, in order to try and organise things a bit more around here.  As part of one of those trips, Ruth gave me this desk that she was no longer using, and so I did a big switcharoo and got rid of the big tall round table that was here in the corner.
 And I think my little wall hanging works really well here on the landing.  And it's much nicer with this little desk here too.


  1. the glue stick? good one

  2. I have a wall hanging like that that I bought in Beijing in 1987. I think there are 100 children on it and there is some sort of legend attached to it.


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