15 March, 2013

Missing in Action

This week has felt very action packed, although looking back I am struggling to remember all that's been going on.  A large chunk of the week was taken up with frantic studying of the road rules here so I could sit my license conversion test on Thursday (which I passed - even though I have no plans of driving here any time soon, but you have to do the conversion within 12 months of arriving if you ever want to drive here).  And believe me, lots of studying was needed.  Not only are there some unusual and funny little laws, but the way the questions are worded can be slightly tricky.  

When I went up to the license testing centre on Thursday morning (top of the island), I passed these amazing trees as I walked past.  I have no idea what they are, but the flowers were spectacular, and they looked like they had some sort of "fig-like" fruit hanging from them.

 When I walked past they looked like sea anemones all over the grass, so perfect and delicate (but walking back after the test they were all wilted and sad looking).
Would love to know what they are.

Other than driving studying, I managed to get another grave yard walk in with my friend again, and already there are more and more graves disturbed and dug up; it is very sad.  Especially since it is one of the few areas of Singapore for dogs to have a good walk off leash (I think we saw 10 dogs on Tuesday).  Not sure when the whole road digging will begin, but then I guess we will have to find somewhere else to walk.

I've also spent hours on online booking sites trying to sort out our flights to go to the US over the summer.  Ella, Kit and I are flying together in early June and having a little stop (4 nights) in London on the way staying with friends.  Oscar is going later, for 2 weeks (all he could get off work) to be there for his friends' high school graduation but will be there when we are.  Matt and Remi are flying together later in June because Remi finishes school later, and Matt can only go for 3 weeks.  I'd hoped that Remi could fly back either with me (Kit and Ella) or on his own, but our flight was booked out and trying to book cheap fares for an "unaccompanied minor" (even though he'll be 17)  turned into a bit of a nightmare, and meant I clocked up HOURS on the internet only to find that it just couldn't be done for the prices we are looking at.  So he's only staying the 3 weeks and then flying back with Matt 2 weeks earlier than us.  But we are finally all booked and should at least be able to have one weekend together as a family in Vermont.  It all seems a bit strange organising that trip when it's only 10 or so days until we leave for Tassie!

I've also been trying to organise interviews for a live in maid.  Don't judge me! Living in a tropical climate with 4 kids and a large house means lots of work.  I've been trying to do it on my own for the last 7 months (after all I did it on my own for the last 8 years with no cleaner or help), but with the kids coming home so late, and having homework and other activities I'm finding I'm trying to do it all and it is a struggle.  Especially now that I am starting to look for work.  I've found myself leaving dishes soaking in the sink, washing scattered everywhere trying to dry it after it got caught in the rain, and me trying to rustle up dinner with nothing in the fridge.  And we have a maid's room and there are so many women here who are desperate to work to send money back to their families in the Phillipines or Indonesia....So I'll let you know how all that goes.

On the work front for me, it's slow going.  Hard to get any responses, even though I keep hearing how desperate schools are for relief teachers.  At the moment I'm helping the art teacher out with the textiles class (which I'd love to get my hands on and run) just to kind of get in there and get known and prove that I can do it.  I'm loving being back in a class room.  And at least if I'm not being creative, I'm able to be around kids who are.


  1. Good. You stay in the creative textiles classroom where you belong (and I'm sure you are proving yourself). Let someone else have the housework job - and prove him? / herself. The goddess moves in mysterious ways...
    Maggie XXXX

  2. get the feeling Singapore is starting to work pour vous et al.


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