08 March, 2013

More of the same

Kit and Ella had the day off school today (and Remi had the day at home in bed because he's sick) so this morning I took them out for a walk.  Kit was missing his swim training at school, so I showed him where the pool was while Ella and I did some laps around the park.  I had my phone with me this time so Kit could call me when he was finished, so I took some photos of the lovely Toa Payoh park.

 I would love to say it's serene and peaceful, but it's surrounded by a freeway, busy roads and a bus station.  It does go some way to create peace though.  I love watching all the older people here out doing their various forms of exercise.  People running, walking, doing yoga and tai chi along with all kinds of interesting moves.

 To get home we have to cross over the busy road (an up and over crossing) and walk across this bridge over the canal that separates Novena from Toa Payoh.  Kind of fun to be exploring the 'hood a bit more.

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  1. obviously the rain has stopped....find yourself a jock Tai Chi teacher, if even half as good as Manh Nhi you will find it just so beautiful and don't forget you have a Tai Chi broadsword made specifically for you by our sword maker here that you really should learn patterns for.


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