18 March, 2013

lucky Lucy

This is Lucy.  Lucy is Ella's doll  little sister.
Lucy lives in the corner of Ella's bedroom.
She's pretty lucky, because Ella has a very bright and colourful bedroom.
But that's not all that makes Lucy lucky.
You see, Ella likes to make things for Lucy (disclaimer...do not let your child use a hot glue gun on wooden floors -and stand by and take photos- we have quite a mess to clean up).

And sometimes I like to make things for Lucy.
So Lucy has a life where she gets to eat sandwiches in hand made fingerless gloves...
 While at school with her monogrammed napkin on her desk....
 Then do her homework with specially made pencils, ruler and pencil case...
 Or go to bed and read with her teddy bear, and look at her pictures on the wall...
 and then sleep in her custom made sheets and quilt...
And when she wakes put on her tool belt and wristwatch...
 All the while posing for photographs (mostly taken by Ella).  Lucy is very lucky indeed.


  1. What a girl!! I trust she has a passport as well. A girl like that will need one - Citizen of the World.

  2. he he, love this so much!!!


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