19 March, 2013


I love that the Chinese word for Cat is "Mao".  It just sounds right.  Ella and I were getting pedicures on the weekend (first time for her, first time for me in about 3 years!) and the women were commenting about the scratches she has on her.  I explained it was from our cat (who only scratches Ella because she gives her a little too much love sometimes) and the conversation that ensued in Mandarin contained lots of "mao""mao" "mao" until it sounded like the women themselves were cats!  It also makes you wonder if a certain communist leader was a pussy...?

Anyway, on the weekend, whilst hanging with Ella watching her craft up a storm for Lucy, made a little needle felt cat.

And 'though I claim to hate  not enjoy needle felting, I actually had some fun with this.  


  1. He / she is gorgeous. Is this Lucy's cat?
    Maggie XXXX

  2. Please tell Ella that even I like THIS cat! She'll know what I mean.... and congratulations on passing your driving test too... xxx


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