24 March, 2013

My boy

 Ever since Oscar started working at The Flying Squirrel, I feel like I never see him.  I'm often gone before he's up and he's gone by the time I get back.  Then I'm in bed before he gets home.  He works double shifts most days, partly to pay in advance for the 2 weeks he's having off to go back to the US in June, but partly I think because he just loves the atmosphere.
 And it is a very funky little restaurant.  They serve mostly Japanese food, GOOD Japanese food.  They have good coffees and cakes and it's a funky little place where he gets to hang out every day (except Sunday).  They even have his ipod playing.
On Friday night Matt and I went to the Grand opening and every one was so happy to meet Oscar's mum and dad.  Here he is with his boss (or one of them).  He's loving that he can do all the art work on the boards (and choose the quotes), and is quite invested in the place.  Lucky boy to find a job he loves in his very first job.

Packing my bags for our trip to Tassie.  It's getting exciting!  Quite a lot to do before Monday evening.  I have a little cat shadowing me and trying to pack herself into my suitcase.  How do they know? Poor little girl will be quite lonely while we are away with Oscar working so much.


  1. Go Oscar - looking totally at home. And Kurt Vonnegut too! I like 'the amber of the moment' though my interpretation may not be what is intended for a bar.
    Maggie XXXX

  2. oh wow i am sorry i haven't visited your blog is 5 posts ...what happened to me???
    love Lucy and her place of abode...adorn and am so jealous of the Chinese mini amour you have purchased..
    i was fascinated by the anemone tree flowers and fruit (i wonder if they are edible???)
    and what a job ...i just bet they love that handsome hunk in that restaurant...i wonder how much money he is saving then in sign writing fees????
    hope we might catch up with you while you are here in Tassie Georgia...especially if you come north!!!!XXXX

  3. Should I expect a new Kurt quote every week or so...have we a third generation Vonnegutoligist among us?
    Dad etc


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