02 March, 2013

At the finish line

We set the goal of running the whole way...no walking...no matter how slowly we went. And I had to set a really slow pace to try and get her through it, particularly up the hills. But we did it! 5 km - the furthest Ella has ever run continuously before. And we didn't even come last although we were definitely in that end of the pack. Very proud of her efforts. We got home and she passed out on the couch, so I know she gave it her best effort. Now we can start training for a 10 km run (but don't tell Ella).

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  1. Love it, good to see it has stopped raining ...were you the only one with that t-shirt?

  2. Yes! Wonderful women.
    Maggie XXXX

  3. awww soooo so so os good. Well done you two xxx


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