04 March, 2013


 I've been waking up really early lately.  Somewhere between 5 and 6 am.  On school mornings I have to get up and make lunches, do dishes, put washing out etc., but yesterday morning, I was the only one up, so I took my coffee and my ipad and sat in the dark reading the newspaper online.
 It's so blissfully cool up there in the mornings.  Waffle came up and joined me, and as it started to get lighter I took (tried to take)  some photos.
 The sun actually comes up over there, behind these buildings, but we never actually see it rising.  It just gets slowly higher, and slowly lighter.

 By the time it is high enough to see, it is time to go in as the day starts to warm up really quickly.

 Then last night, we had a delicious dinner of lamb chops (we found them reduced somewhere and bought the whole stock and froze them) and salad up on the roof.  Far in the distance we could see flashes of lightning (but couldn't hear any thunder, so it must have been far off in Indonesia).
 Once again it was deliciously cool and we sat up there for quite a while, talking, planning our trip back to Vermont this summer.
 And star gazing...which is what we ALWAYS do when we are up there and the sky is clear.  Orion always dances around above us, and we see planes and sometimes the laser show from Marina Bay Sands (best on a cloudy night) and once Matt even saw a shooting star.
Not quite the same as the night sky in Vermont (inky black with diamonds scattered all about) but special none the less.  We need to make the most of the clear nights before the haze that comes later in the year when Indonesia does its big burn-offs.


  1. A lovely blog, but I suspect the night time view of the skyand the Milky Way and Southern Cross from our deck, on a cloudless night is somewhat more impressive...

  2. How lovely. That's been the good thing here this year - it's been hot but cools down overnight and is delectably cool in the morning. Of course, it's desert summer so seldom humid.
    Maggie XXXX

  3. love this. I was just out last night looking at the stars here... love being in the country. I love planning trips! I bought easter eggs last night for our big egg hunt while you are here. Girls are getting very excited x


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