16 February, 2013

Swinging, make that SWIMMING, with the Swinnies

Heather and Steve Swinburne, our VT neighbours arrived on Monday, and we've had a busy week getting around Singapore with them....in the RAIN.  Well, at least, we ALL spent Tuesday wandering around in the wet with them:
 In this photo (above) you can see the deck (with the white awnings on top of the smaller glass building) where we sat out on Saturday night.
 La Pau Sat hawker center (only some stalls were open due to Chinese New Year).  We sat down to have some food here because it was nice and dry undercover and so much was closed due to the holiday.

 This temple in China town was very busy with lots of people in there lighting incense.

 Of course, I was in love with the tiles...

 Cheeky year of the snake...

 Steve having his coconut milk....
On Wednesday the kids went back to school, Matt to work and Steve off to the kids' school to teach.

Heather and I have spent the last 3 days wandering around Little India, Kampong Glam/ Arab Street and Dempsey Hill
 Photos from Kampong Glam area before it rained...we had to sit and have lunch in a Lebanese Restaurant for over an hour waiting for the very heavy rain to stop... but it didn't and so we had to walk for ages in the rain and drains and got very wet.

The Swinburnes will go away with a view of Singapore as a very WET place.  There has been A LOT of rain lately.

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