20 February, 2013


In amongst guests and fairs I got the mother of all head colds.  Slowly recovering and starting to feel human again.  Our guests are gone (we loved having them), kids are all back at school (Ella had a few days of feeling unwell) and Matt and Oscar are at work all day.  It's eerily quite around here today.

Now that I am able to move again, I'm starting to take photos ready to do a big etsy shop update (the fair was quite disastrous, so there will be quite a lot to go into the etsy shop).  


  1. They look fabulous. US and UK expats should be screaming out for them.
    Maggie XXXX

  2. Yes it would be lovely if selling art was as easy as making it....I was going to say as much 'fun' but really selling art is fun when it happens but such hard work and far too many people out there making it.
    That body of work is wonderful it really is only a matter of time for the people with enough class find out about it.
    Must be interesting times with all the others off to their various jobs etc. Uni starts for me on Monday.


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