24 February, 2013


Was spent:
:: Training for the 5 km fun run next weekend. Ella is doing it with me and is VERY new to running...means taking it nice and slowly with her and lots of stopping and walking and me going off on my own after we've done the 5 km.
:: Having lunch at the Club out in the patio with Matt (in between his rugby watching). Even though we sat in the shade under an umbrella, I got sunburned from the reflected glare off the patio tiles.
:: Discovering new areas of Singapore...or more precisely joining up the dots between areas we know well by walking from the club to one of the malls Ella and I like to go to.
:: Photographing this stuffed rat done up to look like a Pokemon. (It was in a Japanese clothing store)

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  1. I can't imagine a fun run in Singapore - but I'm sure it will be - rain or humidity...
    Maggie XXXX

  2. How far from the club to home? Never did I think my little girl would regard a cricket club as "the club".

  3. Good luck with the run! mum xx


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