02 January, 2013

Hard at work

 I have been hard at work the last few days.
 Making some old friends and some new.  It's funny how I don't like some of the old designs as much anymore.  I just want to design new ones. But I need to make as many as possible for the craft fair I have coming up in February and the designing process is a slow one.

I've also added this little detail to the backs of my pillows; a little label.  Simply done by printing from the computer onto canvas.

The kids still have a week of school holidays left.  And all I want to do is sew!  It takes a good many hours from start to finish to make these.  I can probably do about 2 or 3 per day working from early hours till late.  Depends how complicated they are.  And I am leaning towards liking the complicated ones more....

The peace sign pillows are obviously for a certain audience.  I used to make these for Ella's friends for birthdays in CT, and they are always a hit.  And a good way to reduce landfill and use up all those fabric scraps that I keep. I figured that since I'm doing a fair at a school a few of them wouldn't go amiss.  But don't be fooled into thinking they are any quicker to make than the others!


  1. Oh you're clever! Printing labels on canvas? I know so little... They're all beautiful.

  2. Would like to see some proper (ie Australian) animals and possibly some snakes which could sort of cross national boundaries and no Kelpies? Or are you just saving them up for important pillows...the too good to sell sort.
    Dad (too bloody hot for arting or even opening the gallery...this week?)

  3. the pillows would be too hard for me to sell!!! Love them xx

  4. you are amazing!


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